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Results open call Parkinprogress Moving House Foundation - Pannonhalma

Date: 12/06/2012


We have the pleasure to announce the names of the 12 laureates of the Parkinprogress program at Pannonhalma :

Emily Charlotte – Claudio Stellato – Carl Hurtin – Klaus Fruchtnis – Philippe Vaz Coatelant – Coco Matt – Yoko Fukushima – Ferenc Koleszar – Rheinold Bidner & Robert Praxmarer – Sára Zagyvai – Anne-Sophie Turion

We truly thank you all the applicants for their application for this great programme, and wish them good luck for their artistic career.


Don’t forget, there will be the next edition of Parkinprogress at Pilsen, in Czech Republic. Don’t hesitate to apply!