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PARK IN PROGRESS #7 - Selection of the open call

Date: 24/06/2013


17 artists were selected: 


Rodolphe Alexis • Christophe Bailleau & CarmenR Cruz • Isa Belle • MauriceCharles JJ & Gilles Peetermans • Jean-Jacques Duerinckx • Klaus Fruchtnis & Donald Abad • Stéphane Kozik & Damien Pairon •  Stéphanie Laforce • Werner Moron• Sonia Paço Rocchia • ZahraPoonawala • Cédric Sabato • Mauro Vitturini


We thank all the applicants for their interest in this great programme and wish them the best for their artistic career. We invite them to apply to the next open calls on and 


« Parkinprogress » has been funded with the support of the European Commission and is run in partnership with UK Young Artists (Nottingham, United Kingdom), Moving House Foundation (Pannonhalma, Hungary), Transcultures (Mons, Belgium), Genshagen Foundation (Genshagen, Germany),  ARTos Foundation (Nicosia, Cyprus), the Agence Luxembourgeoise d’Action Culturelle (Luxembourg, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg) and Pépinières européennes pour jeunes artistes (Saint-Cloud, France).