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Open call M4m residency - Le Prisme

Date: 04/04/2012

a crossed residency with the stage manager – technical director of Le Prisme in order to highlight the building

the theater

The name of the theater is Le Prisme.
It is geometrically very elaborated with different geometric shapes: lozenges, squares, circles, rectangles.
The building consists of 2 entities whose architecture includes areas of windows, terraces, stairs.
The neighborhood in which it is located is pedestrian.

the objectives
1 – to stimulate the spectators’ interest in the local theater they attend, which is a real space of living and sharing with the artists.
2 – to put Le Prisme as the major cultural institution in the Centre des 7 mares, the area in which there are very close a bookshop, a library, a cinema, which is currently under renovation and will reopen its doors in September after a year of restoration work.

the project
· to highlight the (outside) building for the end of May and the launch of the theater’s new season
· to highlight Le Prisme’s different forms and develop its communication’s surfaces: screening on windows, facades, etc... 
· to design this setting for the year and in an evolutionary manner (for example every 3 months).

the residency
The 15-day residency will take place in May 2012, from 14thto 31st.
An accommodation next to the theater will be made available free of charge.
The delivery of the project is expected for May 28 th.Technical adjustments will be made during the last week.

More information here