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New Open call for application : Raumars (Finland)

Date: 23/03/2012


Raumars Artist-in-Residence ProgrammeRauma (Finlande / Finland)

1 lauréat or a working couple 

Started in 1997, Raumars is an artist-in-residence programme, which organizes public- and community art projects in the Satakunta region, in western Finland with help from local art and cultural institutions, organisations and individuals. In 1999 Raumars became an independent association with the aim of bringing the art world and the community closer to each other. The purpose of Raumars is to take art out from the museums and galleries, to work in a social context and to create innovative links between art, individuals and communities. Raumars is artistically wide ranged. 

in residency
 1 artist or a working-couple

purpose of the residency 
Art and community, art and environment are the field proposed.
The main criterion is the artists’ motivation to work within a social context. The applicants are expected to present a project plan for an environmental, public or community art project, which will be realised during the residency. The programme is artistically wide ranged; it includes visual arts, applied art, design, architecture, dance, music and theatre.

During the residency, the selected artist can for example arrange educational events or they can create communal- or public artworks. Apart from the projects, the artists are entitled on their own time to practice their art.

length of the residency
2 – 4 months

dates of the stay
from January 2013 (flexible dates) : 1st of the first month to the end of the last month

deadline for applications
April 15th 

pieces to submit to apply for
curriculum vitae and samples of your recent work (photos/videos) have to be uploaded on your e.mobility profile

• during the creation of your project on e.mobility, you have to write in the
« short text » section :
- short artist statement
- details of previous community,environmental or public art experience
- short, clear & realistic project plan for an environmental, public or community art project 

More information  here

To know how to apply here