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Jeune création-vidéo cinéma – FIPA 2012

Béla Baptiste...

Projection scheduled on Wednesday, January 25th , at 4.15 p.m., at the Le Colisée cinema in Biarritz (France)
Like every year for eight years, the Pépinières européennes pour jeunes artistes are invited by the FIPA (International Festival of Audiovisual Programs) to present a panorama of the emerging creation and share a enriching encounters with an attentive public and with experienced professionals.
For this 8th edition, more than 450 films, from all over the world, were previewed. The selection presented as part of “jeune creation – video cinema” has the aim to show the abundance of expressions and the singularity of outlooks and the issues of our time.

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First part

Fireworks, Giacomo Abbruzzese
Still lives, Vincent Ducarne
Twins, Peter Budinsky
Le mariage de ma cousine, Justine Pluvinage
Kosmofon Kosmosekajakad, Karl Taul
Spring Awakening, Béla Baptiste

Second part

Goose, Morgan Simon
Self Portrait with a deer, Saana Inari
Return of Blowfly, Alban Gily & Julien Vray
La Vie de Simon, Elsa Simon
Etiquettes, Inès Jerray
Untitled 3, Sam Spreckley

View some shortlisted films, as well as other films of the emerging creation on the Pépinières’ Arte Creative platform.